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About the WMAA

Founded in 2003 the World Martial Arts Alliance (WMAA) is a not for profit organisation set up to provide an avenue for shared learning experience in martial regardless of style through a blend of traditional and modern martial arts.

WMAA also offers services in grading panels, seminars, referees, mailing services and martial arts equipment at discounted prices. WMAA offers memberships at an individual, club, organisation levels.

Our committee members have over 100 years experience combined with specialisations in Street Techniques; Contact Fighting; Freestyle Karate and Tae Kwon Do; Shotokan; Tang Soo Do; Kobudo (weapons).

Our Committee


Kip Stavrou

Tournament Training, Self Defence and Weapons. Kip was born in Sydney, Australia where he has studied in variety of sports at both social and professional level. Kip has achieved high levels in Karate, Soccer, Basketball and League where he has represented N.S.W. and Australia in his career as a sportsman. Kip has studied in various styles of martial arts over the years which has provided him a great understanding in teaching as well as competing. All his training has allowed Kip to gain skills in teaching women, men and children of all ages to fulfill the goals and achievements.

Kip was one of the first to be recognised by the Ryu Kon Kai Kobudo Association from Okinawa (an island off Japan) and certified to teach the weapon style in Australia, he has also been accepted by the Kobudo Butoku Kenyukai Association (KBKA) and authorised by the Okinawa International Kobudo Australia (OIKA) for which he has a Black Belt to teach the traditional art of weapons for Japan/Okinawa.

Kip is the (ISKA International Sports Karate Association, head referee of Australia and also the Australian Coach, which he has taken various Australian teams over to the ISKA Open to compete against the best in the world. Kip is an accredited Instructor under the Martial Arts Industry Association (MAIA)

Ross Jackson

Ross Jackson

Master Ross Jackson is internationally qualified and a Sah Bom Nim (Master Instructor) in the Martial Art of Tang Soo Do . With unlimited devotion and the greatest of efforts the roots of Tang Soo Do are firmly established under the name of Ross Jackson Tang Soo Do Korean Karate System, (Tang Soo Do Australia).

As the Kwan Jang Nim (Principle) of this organisation, Sah Bom Nim Jackson holds several Black Belt degrees in different arts as well as being very active in the promotion of Sport Karate through his association with I.S.K.A (International Sport Karate Association)

Before establishing the Ross Jackson Tang Soo Do Korean Karate System, he has just finished his term of duty with the Australian Army serving in the Special Air Service (SAS) as an anti terrorist.

During this period he was teaching Tang Soo Do in the Army and prior to Army enrollment was teaching under the guidance of his instructor Mr Joe Eissner's retirement from martial arts.


Bill Young

Bill Young 8th Dan with Kaigan-Kan Karate Do, Traditional Shotokan Karate, World Martial Arts Alliance Director. My journey in Martial Arts began in 1969 at the age of 18 with Shotokan Karate, achieving my first Black Belt in 1972. have always encouraged mixing up your training, to believe that your style is the best and you can not learn anything new is to live with blinkers on.

World Martial Arts Alliance is great because there are many different styles sharing their knowledge and making new friends, coming together just like one big family.

Bill is an 8th Dan in Karate and also a world accredited tournament referee.


Natalie Young

Natalie Young 5th Dan with Kaigan-Kan Karate Do, Traditional Shotokan Karate, World Martial Arts Alliance Secretary . Since the conception of World Martial Arts Alliance in Australia, I have seen and met some of the very talented martial artists with the same wish to share and encourage the knowledge gained in the martial arts community. I can only hope that my next 24 years in martial arts is as memorable as the first.

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