World Martial Arts Alliance

Goals & Values

The World Martial Arts Association mission is to create a network for shared learning experiences which develops the heart, mind and body of our participants through the training of martial arts, built from a blend of traditional and modern day martial arts training.

“Aspire to a higher potential”

Making Friends is of high importance  

 Our Goals:

• To maintain a positive environment where everyone affiliated with this organization feels good about themselves.

• To share experiences of World Martial Arts affiliates, through knowledge sharing of Katas and techniques.

• To develop students to their maximum potential in body, mind and spirit; through courtesy, propriety, self-discipline and the ecstasy of hard work.

• To preserve and protect the history, traditions, methods and integrity of the World Martial Arts Alliance.

 Our Values:  

• Throughout training, students and instructors are encouraged to be their personal best.

• This mission will be accomplished through a cooperative effort of constant education and support.

• Our instructors are dedicated to uphold the highest level of integrity and to lead by example both in and out of the dojo.

• We share a long term common vision to support our community and our dojo family through unconditional commitment. We will be uncompromising in our efforts and innovative in our pursuit of excellence.

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