World Martial Arts Alliance


Stavs Martial Arts Academy

Stavs Martial Arts Academy has strong links to both traditional & contemporary martial arts. Our aim is to make martial arts available to everyone. ..

Instructors : Kip & Kristy Stavrou
Location: 54A Shaw Street, Bexley North, NSW
Contact : Kip 0416 018 323 Kristy 0424 252 194

Kaigan Kan Karate Do

We are a professional karate club based in the Upper Hunter, headed by Chief Instructor Hanshi Bill Young, 8th Dan and Shihan Natalie Young 4rd Dan.

We are dedicated to teaching traditional Shotokan Karate to the very highest standard. Our qualified instructors are all WWC checked, fully insured and have many years' experience of teaching all ages and grades.

Instructors : Bill & Natalie Young
Location : Upper Hunter, Coffs Harbour, Tamworth, Bathurst.
Contact : Bill 0429 315 899 Natalie 0402 806 701

Guys Karate School

GKS in Maitland NSW is a top martial arts school whos students are disciplined, well mannered individuals who are respectful to themselves and others.

Guy's Karate School is a dynamic school of Shotokan offering Karate lessons in Telarah in the Hunter Valley which is dedicated to providing its members with elite martial arts instruction.

Instructor: Lindsay Guy 3rd Dan
Location : Telarah Public School
Russell St, Telarah NSW
Contact : Lindsay 0499 968 389

Destiny Martial Arts

Destiny Martial Arts Australia ™ is a family operated business. Our instructors Clarence, Brayden and Brodie Rodrigues have been inspiring other martial artists for many years, and are Australian Champions in ISKA (Australia) Martial Arts tournaments.

We are members of the World Martial Arts Alliance.

Instructor: Clarence Rodrigues
Location: 3/8 Wingate Rd, McGraths Hill
Contact :Clarence 0438 611 864

Darren Owens Self Defence

I have trained in Taekwondo for over 30 years and a form of Kung Fu for 6 years.

With over 36 years in martial arts I have based my style on Taekwondo with a lot more speed. (movements are free flowing). I have a strong believe in self defence that works. From the day you start learning you should learn things that will stay with you for life.

My style has a Taekwondo Belt System (white till black)

So come along and learn Self Defence from a traditional Taekwondo Master

Instructor : Darren Owens
Location: Tenambit Public School Hall
Edwards St, Tenambit NSW
Contact Darren 0414 955 373

Tang Soo Do

Ross Jackson Tang Soo Do was founded in the Hawkesbury region west of Sydney Australia in 1986 by a then young Mr Jackson after the retirement of his instructor Mr Joe Meissner and is the first school and headquarters of Tang Soo Do Australia. After running the school for 24 years Master Jackson retired from teaching in 2010 leaving the day to day running of the school to one of his black belts, Sah Bom Darryn Reid, while still maintaining a heavy influence in the direction of the school.

Phone 04-1523-9653
School address -
Glossodia Community Centre Monday 7:30pm


Xtreme Bforce Martial Arts

At Xtreme Bforce Martial Arts our martial arts & karate programs cater for ages 4+ and are designed to support, maintain and assist students development of their skills and goals through recognised grades.

By doing this we are committed towards putting our service and individual attention towards our students seeking to learn and develop a healthier lifestyle.

We offer classes for Kids, Teens and Adult Karate and  martial arts Classes, as well as Hyper Pro Training (Weapons/Forms & Gymnastics), Fitness classes (Mixed & Ladies only) and Muay Thai classes.

Xtreme B-Force Martial Arts
Head instructor:  Esma Bektasovska
Address:  39 Bethlehem Street
Cringila NSW. 2500
Contact number:  02 4274 3004

Extreme Martial Fitness

Our Martial Arts, Mixed Karate and Fitness classes are excellent choices for self defense, discipline and fitness. Join us at Extreme Martial Fitness with classes in Extreme Martial Fitness in Smithfield, NSW, 2164

Extreme Martial Fitness 
Instructor : Ali Cetindag
Location :Unit 13/49-63 Victoria Street,
Smithfield NSW 2164             
Contact : Ali Cetindag 0406 534 984 or 02 8740 2956
Email :
Website :

WSK Martial Arts

W.S.K MARTIAL ARTS was formed on the Eight of September 2015, by Sensei John Wilson who is a 2nd Dan black belt & Amy Wilson we started in 2007 at Tora-shanti karate do under Alexander covek and we done weapons at SMAA under kip Stavrou.

W.S.K MARTIAL ARTS is a school that is based on the karate art form of Shotokan (founded by Master Ginshin Fanakoshi). AS a member of W.S.K MARTIAL ARTS you will build

WSK Martial Arts
Instructor :John Wilson
Training Centre: CWA Hall Marulan
Contact : John 0420573697


WA Institute of Martial Arts

The WA Institute of Martial Arts is a world class Martial Arts Academy, based in Perth, Western Australia. Providing a large range of Martial Arts programs to cater for all ages and abilities.  They specialize in kids’ character development and life skills, and rewarding programs for adults that cater for all fitness and ability levels.

WA Institute of Martial Arts prides themselves on delivering reality-based self-defense skills to keep you and your family safe.

WA Institute of Martial Arts
Co Owner: Graham McDonnell

15b Canham Way
Greenwood WA 6024


Phone: (08) 9247 4800

Ryu Kon Kai Okinawa Kobudo

Ryu Kon Kai Kobudo was first brought to Australia by Hanshi Kip Stavrou and his fellow training partners, which visited the Honbo in 2003. After being personally trained by Master Iha Kotaro 10th Dan Hanshi, founder of Okinawa Ryukyu Ryu Kon Kai kobudo. Master Iha authorised Hanshi Kip Stavrou to teach Ryu Kon Kai kobudo in Australia as representative of Okinawa Ryukyu Ryu Kon Kai kobudo Honbu dojo in Okinawa. Since then we have become a close family unit with Master Kotaro Iha, and have endeavour to only work as his request and requirements not to change the way of the system. This statement is of truth and will stand in the eyes of our Justice system in this Country

Ryu Kon Kai Okinawa Kobudo
Instructor :Kip Stavrou
Head Office: 54A Shaw St, Bexley North NSW
Contact : Kip 0416 018 323

World Shorin Ryu Kyudokan Karate-do Federation- Sri Lanka Branch
Head Instructor :Indishe Senanayake
Location:122/3, De Soysa Road, Rawatawatta, Moratuwa.

Isshinryu Karate From Okinawa  
Contact: Kaicho Christopher Chase
Phone:585-455-0116 use STD Code when outside of the USA MAILING Address: O.I.K.K.A.
7460 SW 157 Terrace
Palmetto Bay, FL 33157

 ABSOLUTE: Tactical self defense
Instructor :Javier Acosta & Melba Acosta
Head Instructor: Francisco Javier Acosta Serrano
Location : San Isidro 41 Fracc. Tulipanes Hermosillo Mexico
Contact : Face Book: Javier Acosta Serrano


Asato Dojo Naha Okinawa

Asato 1-8-18

Arakakiapatro 101, Naha

Okinawa Prefecture 902-0067